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Help us develop and implement the newest data analysis methods, systems, strategies, and optimizations for maximum results.

Analyze results, interpret data by implementing leading industry standard tools. Develop new data analysis tools, collection systems and strategies for optimal results.

Job Duties:
- Acquire data from primary or secondary sources, whilst maintaining data systems/databases.
- Work with other teams to prioritize information needs and tasks.
- Develop efficient and quality data implementations, collection systems, and other strategies.
- Analyze results, interpret new and existing data using cutting-edge tools to provide detailed reports.
- Be on the look out for new possible improvement opportunities and their potential implementations.

Job Requirements:
- Prior and prover working experience in the field.
- Fluency in English.
- BS in Economics, Information Management, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science or Software Engineering.
- High attention to detail, strong analytic skills for organization, analysis, collection and dissemination of data and reports with full accuracy.
- Strong technical knowledge and proven experience with programming (Javascript, XML), databases (SQL) and reporting packages.
- Experience in statistics for analyzing datasets, as well as new and old information.


Create a visual, authentic, and creative digital client identity by analyzing trends, target markets, niches, and audiences.

Create visual communications to convey messages in an effective, intuitive, and meaningful way to engage possible new clients.

Job Duties:
- Research new trends in the field and apply them to the relevant material. Discover and build effective strategies in the always evolving digital market.
- Design engaging web pages, brochures, logos, ads, annual reports, emails, and all other communication materials.
- Meet and talk with clients to get an understanding of their core values. Learn what they want their online image to be like and work together to achieve optimal results.
- Explore competitor designs and strategies for better audience targeting and campaigns.
- Communicate with other teams and create effective ways of visual marketing.
- Work with clients on drafts and make needed revisions based of client feedback.
- Review final drafts and productions for errors, revisions, and adjustments, for optimal results and maximum brand authenticity.

Job Requirements:
- Prior and proven experience in the field.
- Relevant degree in the field or from an art academy.
- Excellent communication skills, teamwork skills, and a welcoming, helpful attitude.
- A keen eye in search of new trends and attention to detail.
- Proficiency with leading industry standard software (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.).
- Fluency in English.
- Relevant knowledge of web design and web development, as well as of existing trends and visual culture.

Social Media
Marketing Expert

Creates, builds, and executes new and effective media marketing strategies through competitive target research.

Build a great and effective online digital presence that using effective strategies for new clients.

Job Duties:
- Track, analyze, and report website analytics and campaign results.
- Develop and put in motion efficient and innovative media marketing strategies through rigorous research and analysis.
- Take care of generating, publishing, and sharing daily content such as original texts, videos or images, HTML, and e-mails.
- Continuously improve and expand through analysis of relevant data and metrics, effective practices, and insights.
- Optimize pages in every platform to increase visibility effectivity.
- With the relevant policy at hand, moderate all user-generated content for every community.
- Collaborate with other departments (customer relations, sales, data analysis) to identify key players and strategies, as well as carefully manage company reputation.

Job Requirements:
- Prior and proven working experience in the field.
- Prior working experience and knowledge of the proper tools, and social media platforms.
- Multitasking ability, positive attitude, attention to detail.
- Excellent writing, editing (text/photo/video), presentation management and communication skills.
- Relevant degree in the field is a must (Business, relations, Media Studies etc.)
- Relevant knowledge of web design, development, and SEO.
- Fluency in English is needed!

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